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Course Plan




Social and Political Theory





Public Law

Turkish Politics

Current Issues in Turkish Politics

Turkish Foreign Policy

Current Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy

Politics, Political Culture and Social Movements in EU Countries

European Union

Political Ethics

Political Thought and Art

Current Debates in Security Studies

Politics and Political Movements in Turkey (1960-1980)

Politics and Society in the Caucasus

The Cold War Era in Europe I

The Cold War Era in Europe II

Media and Politics

Comparative Politics

Minorities in Turkey

Globalization, Capitalism, and Power

Religion and Politics

Turkey and the Middle East

Politics and Literature

International Organizations

Turkish-Greek Relations

History of Russia

Globalization and Turkey

Militarism in Historical and Theoretical Perspective

Capitalism and Human Being

International Politics

Theories of International Relations

Current Issues in International Law

Theories of State

Politics and Social Change

The Ottoman Modernization in the Nineteenth Century

Democracy: Theories – Models

The Ottoman Past and the Identity Question in the Balkans and Turkey


Cultural History of Europe