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Application Procedure

Erasmus application procedure:


You can find information about the Erasmus application procedure and dates at the web site of the EU Office at


Here is an announcement from our EU Office for Eramsus incoming students:


Dear Incoming Erasmus Students,

You are planning to study abroad and this will be an interesting and exciting time in your life. There is no doubt that your period of study in another country will bring you more than study credits, you will also learn to study and work with students of different nationalities. We are glad that you have decided to study at our university. Our fruitful cooperation with your University enables you to study here under the Erasmus Program.

Many of you will be some distance away from home, and we will do our best to ensure that your stay with us will be academically rewarding and socially enjoyable.

We give utmost importance to the internationalization of Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University, and we firmly believe that our Erasmus students, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, enhance and enrich life at our university. Through this intercultural learning experience both sides will gain an understanding of another country, its culture and society.

We hope you will find the information on our website informative and helpful.  It covers such matters as application and registration procedures, campus services, accomodation and social life.   We hope you will have an interesting and useful study period while at Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University, and leave Turkey with many fond memories.

To be an Erasmus student in Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University, there are some procedures that you will have to perform. First of all, you have to fill in our university’s Application Form and Learning Agreement (you can find here:  and print out 3 copies for each and send them to us by regular post or email along with 3 photos to following addresses:

Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University, European Union Office

Besiktas Campus, Rectorate building, Y─▒ld─▒z 34349, Istanbul/TURKEY


e-mail address: 

ATTENTION PLEASE: The documents sending via fax will not be approved, and all the Application Forms and Learning Agreements should be filled completely.

Moreover, you can find dormitory application form at our website, and send them to us with the documents mentioned above. Unfortunately, we have limited rooms for Erasmus students so, early registrations will be taken into consideration.

As Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University's European Union Office, we have an online registration system. You can find the online registration form at this address;

Once you have opened this page you will either have to log in if you are already registered, or register if this is your first visit to this page. When you first register, an e-mail will be automatically sent to you confirming your registration and giving you your password. Once you have logged in you will be able to access the registration form, and you should enter all their details.

Please note that when you have entered your university code and the name of your department, only information which is relevant to your university and department, and which is covered by the relevant bilateral agreement will be displayed.

When you have completed the form, you will find at the bottom of the page a button called "Attach Files". This provides a link to where you can attach your completed university application form and your Learning Agreement and photo. If you have any special conditions or modifications to the Learning Agreement, you have to contact with your relevant departmental coordinator.

When you are finished, click "Save" and then "Send", in order the forms to be sent to this office.

Once we have your completed forms we can pass them on to your coordinator here in Y─▒ld─▒z Technical  University.

Please note that The EU Office cannot make any changes to their form once it has been submitted. Once an understanding has been reached by the coordinators about their application, a Letter of Invitation will be prepared and sent to you.

The deadline of application process for Erasmus incoming students for 2011-2012 Academic Year;