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Course Plan


Course Requirements

The Ph.D. students are required to take eight courses (21 credits) in total, one compulsory (non-credit) and seven elective (3 credits for each).    


The List of Courses

Seminar (Compulsory)

State Formation in Comparative Perspective

Power and Law

Turkish Foreign Policy Analyses

Middle East in the Post-Cold War Era

Being Human in a Globalizing World

Citizen, Civil Society and the State

Theories of Nationalism

Historiography in Turkey

Modern History of the Balkans

Democracy, Nationalism and Minorities

Caucasian Studies

Migration Studies

History of Russia

Global Political Economy

Theories of Power and State

Reconstruction of the Middle East

Crisis Management and Coercive Diplomacy in Turkish Foreign Policy

Seminar on Comparative Politics

Seminar on Turkish Politics

Seminar on Theories of International Relations

Seminar on Political Theory

Conceptual and Factual Reading and Research

Seminar on the European Union

PhD Thesis Seminar

PhD Thesis