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Welcome message from the
Department Chair


The Department of Political Science and International Relations is organized in two fields (Political Science, and International Relations). In accordance with the academic requirements of these two fields, our Department aims to educate graduates familiar to the academic studies at the international level, open to national and international academic study and cooperation, informed about regional studies, capable of sophisticated analysis in interpreting world politics, and equipped with the required theoretical, historical and practicle knowledge and skills. Graduates of our Department may choose to work in both national and international spheres. After graduation they may choose occupations from a wide range of choices. They may work in state departments (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), as well as take researcher or consultant posts in various international/national institutions and organizations (the UN, NATO, UNESCO, EU Office, etc.), at CSOs (strategic research centres, regional/global centers of policy, etc.), or in the media. For this aim, the Department of Political Science and International Relations places emphasis on providing its students with the opportunity to conduct academic activities in English, and a rich variety of elective course alongside the core curriculum.

Prof. Dr. Nur┼čin Ate┼čo─člu G├╝ney